Donor Embryo Program

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Donor Embryo Program IVF patients who have completed their family sometimes face a difficult decision about the disposition of their remaining embryos. At Rathnaa Fertility Center we offer the option to donate their unused embryos to another patient or couple.

Rathnaa Fertility Center created the Donor Embryo Program for two very special reasons:
For Donors: Rathnaa Fertility Center’s Donor Embryo Program offers patients an option to donate their excess embryos beyond storing them. Such embryos are donated for research, or donated to another patient who has a fertility problem. Donating the embryo is a very generous act and sharing the joy of parenthood can provide a great sense of pride for couples knowing that they have profoundly changed the lives of another couple in such a meaningful way.

For Recipients: Rathnaa Fertility Center’s Donor Embryo Program also provides couples who are struggling to conceive or couples who have failed in other fertility treatment with a cost-effective and reliable opportunity to have a child experience the joy of pregnancy.

If you are a Rathnaa Fertility Center patient who is interested in donating your embryos through our Donor Embryo Program, contact us now to learn more.

If you are a current patient of Rathnaa Fertility Center or you’re considering Rathnaa Fertility Center to help you conceive using a donor embryo, call us now for more details.

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